Ownership Transition Strategies & Planning

As a business owner, you have spent much of your career and life building your business.  Taking a decision to sell your business can be exciting, stressful, traumatic and hopefully, rewarding. The entire process needs to be well planned to ensure your key objectives are achieved.  Not just financial goals, but the future of your employees and the longevity of your company's brand and image are important elements of a transition plan.

Business Valuations

One of the biggest questions to answer in making a decision to sell is, "how much money will I clear at the end of deal?"  While it is not all about the money, it is usually the largest element of a go forward or not decision.  We will provide tight ranges of your transaction value early in our discussion to enable you to make this critical decision.

Business Value Optimization Planning

Often business owners need to address key elements of their P&L's and Balance Sheets to optimize the value of their business.  Many times results can be improved in short order, but most often the process takes time and focus on detail.  We can help detail actions to drive up your business value.

Why Work with us?

You may be called once a month by a broker or private equity company asking if you want to sell your business. So why work with us?

  • We have deep understanding of the market place and business models.
  • We have deep relationships with most acquiring companies, manufactures, private equity companies and strategic buyers.
  • You have a business to run, and the transition process is a time consuming.
  • We will present your business to the market in a professional light.
  • We will ensure multiple "looks" at your business and usually multiple offers.